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Gategoers at The Invasion / Re: Meet-a-Gater
« on: September 08, 2017, 10:56:26 PM »
Sorry. On phone and it doesn't seem to agree on me editing previous post.
You say you're from Florida. Dunno how safe but with that hurricane about you take care okay? And come say hi when it's passed. Don't know you but it'll be nagging the back of my mind I think, so I'd love to know you're okay. Stay safe! Xoxo

I am around the middle of the middle of Florida...but, I am actually a Federal Prison Officer and will be working during it. I will post Monday or Tuesday :)
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Gategoers at The Invasion / Re: Meet-a-Gater
« on: September 05, 2017, 07:11:15 PM »
So Hello ALL! 8)

Names Nikki, I'm 27 and have loved Stargate for as long as I knew it was around.... I live in Florida in the USA and it is hot, hot, hot....

This will be my first convention ever and my first Stargate event I go to, *Gasp* I know that rock I lived under finally got picked up and moved lol... I love to draw, write, and enjoy traveling....

Ummm lets see I am a HUGE Amanda Tapping fan and cannot wait to see her :) I like Mortal Kombat and The Sims games, I do awesome Halloween costumes/makeup on myself every year, and I am super excited to visit Canada for the first time!

Also I got the Golden Ticket ;P, Also my Girlfriend and her son will be with me to see Vancouver but will be passing on the convention itself so looking to meet new friends and have a good time as well!

Message me with any cool tips, pointers, or info you think I might like... Look out for this rookie y'all!
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The Invasion 2018 / Re: Gatecon Ticket Types & Prices 2018
« on: September 05, 2017, 06:58:41 PM »
Thanks guys you encouraged me I just purchased a gold ticket and put the very last room at the hotel on hold.... Hopefully it will be a blast I'm super excited to go to my first convention :)

Any tips or info or interesting shares feel free to message me and keep me in the know :)
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