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Capilano Bridge - discounted for Homecomers

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Capilano Bridge

Touted as Vancouver's top tourist attraction, Capilano suspension bridge has been welcoming visitors since the late 1800's. 125 years on and it is now so much more than the bridge alone - experience a treetop walkway, or test your nerve on the Cliff Walk

Capilano have kindly extended a $3 discount to Homecoming attendees. If visiting after the convention you will need to show them your convention pass at the ticket office. If visiting before the convention a copy of your ticket confirmation will suffice.

History of Capilano

Maps & Directions

Buy Tickets Online

Oh, hell no  ;D ;D

WAY too high!

At the top of my list of favorite places in Vancouver.  Walking in the trees is something everyone should experience. 

I've done the bridge a couple of times. Might see if I can pluck up the courage to overcome my vertigo for the treetop walk.

Thanks Richard for enquiring about a discount! Every bit counts. ;)

Also, I wanted to add, there is a FB group of us going to Capilano on Tuesday, September 13th if anyone is interested. We were going to meet at Canada Place by the Digital Orca around 10am and then head out to the street to take the free shuttle to the park.

Would be a fun way to extend the fun surrounded my crazies of like mind. Everyone is welcome! :D


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