Rules 'n' Regs


No-one like rules and as the saying goes, rules are there to be broken....

          ...just not these rules!

1. Have Fun
2. Please show respect for other users and the Moderators.
We really don't see this as the type of forum that will require any heavy-handed moderation like you sometimes see elsewhere. So long as everyone behaves everything will be fine.
3. No bullying, swearing, discrimination or any other unsuitable behaviour or posts will be tolerated. Anyone offending will be contacted by pm by the Admin or a Mod and asked to desist. If they however persist their membership to the forum may be withdrawn, permanently.
4. No offensive or unsuitable images are allowed on this forum..and yes the Admin reserves the right to decide what is considered unsuitable. Additionally links to advertising not related to the convention will be removed from posts and signatures.
5. Please do not use the forum to slam other conventions. Ideally do not use the forum to slam ours either 😜
6. Have Fun
7. Naturally disputes may arise as not everyone shares the same opinion. Healthy discussions are, well, healthy, but if things get out of hand we will step in to end the situation.
8. Moderator's word is final.
9. Administrator's word is even more final.
10. Administrator reserves the right to add more rules that he may have forgotten about.


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