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Are you staying at the Sheraton and looking to save costs by room sharing? If so let your fellow Gaters know here.

Any one looking for a room share? I'll have a king sized bed, I'm house broken, don't snore and don't mind sharing a bed. Let me know if you're interested. It'll save us both money.  Dorci

I want to to let you know, I am no longer able to attend so I will be cancelling my room. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hi KLaira!!!

I'm interested in your offer  :D

I Don't snore either, it just may be hard to get me settled for the night because I tend to get overly excited especially since Stargate is involved but I swear I can behave and I won't bother you. Plus since the flight it's gonna cost me an arm and a leg I could really use some 'saving money' on the accomodation in the hotel.

Looking to share a room, missed the first room block so no reservation on my part, yet anyway.

Hi Dorci! Nice to 'virtually' meet you u.u

I absolutely understand your reason and I know how it can be when you have to wait an answer before giving one to another person.

I just checked the hotel's prices (a new block has been added) and they're kinda high for a single person, hence I won't be able to afford staying in the convention hotel all by myself...

So, we wait and try to find another hotel near-by? Is that even possible or we have to stay at the hotel convention in order to attend the event?

In case we can find another accomodation then there's no problem in waiting for your answer. If not I hope you'll understand my looking for another roommate, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be there!

@Ksmerryman: Still looking? Have you already booked in the new block? Because we could share the three of us and it'll cost much less!!


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