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Charity Auction


As you know by now the charity auction on the Saturday evening is in aid of Cystic Fibrosis.

Staff from the Vancouver chapter will be present to run the auction, with help from our guests of course.

There will be a pay desk by the stage for anyone with a winning bid and they will be able to accept cash, debit and credit cards (incl AE). Please note Cystic Fibrosis cannot accept Paypal.

We will also be running some silent auctions over the Friday and Saturday and payments for these, unless otherwise indicated*, will need to be made at the main auction when you can collect your item/s.

*A few items have been donated to help with convention costs and these will be clearly marked and will need to be paid for at the Gatecon table in the dealer room (cash, cards or Paypal)

If you would like to donate anything for the auction please drop us a line at with a brief description of the item/s. There will be a collection point for donations at the registration desk.

What’s some of the items y’all will have?


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