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PC - any activity marked PC means that it takes place Pre-Convention
OE - any activity marked OE is an Optional Extra and involves the purchase of a ticket add-on
FE - any activity marked FE means Free Entry and is included in your main convention ticket

Art Competition - FE
We held an art competition at the very first Gatecon, so it's high time we brought it back! Ticket holders are invited to create a piece of art in any medium that reflects Stargate, the 1960's Vangroovy theme or the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - or all three!

* Entries can be hand-drawn, painted, digital, fabric or 3D
* Entries must be PG
* Entrants are responsible for transporting their work to and from the event. Whilst every care will be taken, Gatecon and Legends cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to art during the convention
* Work will be exhibited at the event with a winner chosen by our secret panel of experts!
* Entrants must email us ahead of the event to let us know what they are bringing so that we can plan adequate exhibition space. If you are able to supply a digital image of your work before 31st July 2016 we may be able to include it in the convention magazine

Just bumping this thread to see if anyone is interested in having an art competition at the event?

Please add your name to this thread if you are, and if we get enough interest we will take it further.

Morning Glory:
Am definitely interested; how soon do we need to send the photo of our entry?

anytime up to the end of July will be fine for the photos

I had to scratch my original idea due to the number of changes with the guest list.  I'm trying to come up with something else. 


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