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There is only ONE ticket type for The Homecoming to keep things simple.

The Homecoming by Gatecon and Legends is giving you the unique opportunity to see all of these fantastic guests under one roof and to take part in a whole range of inclusive activities all for the price of just US$275!
We will also be offering a payment plan option when tickets go on sale.

  We have opted to go with just one ticket type – one price, with the tours and autograph and photograph sessions as optional extras. Full details and prices on what each guest will cost will be published ahead of the convention.

  This means you can customise your convention experience to suit your individual needs and maximise your personal convention timetable. We think you will agree this exceptional guest-list provides equally exceptional value for money, so be sure to grab your ticket when they go on sale on Sunday 4th October 2015 at 9am PDT  /  5pm BST

To check your local time use this Time Zone Converter

This is purely for entry to the event and the included activities (see the Itinerary thread for full details of the included and the optional extra activities) and does not include your photograph and autograph opportunities.

The ticket price covers the staging costs of the event.
The autograph and photograph prices cover the guests fees.

Please note there are no refunds unless we cancel the event.

Please remember you are buying your ticket for the event and not for a particular guest - therefore no refunds can be made in the event that a guest cancels his or her appearance.

The Homecoming Tickets

Tickets will go on sale on Sunday 4th October at 9am PST / 5pm BST
- please check what time that is for you in your own time zone, using this link
Time Zone Converter

We will publish a direct link to the ticket purchase page of the website via Facebook and Twitter, or simply click on the Tickets link on the Gatecon homepage.

Ticket price is US$275
There will be a maximum of 1000 tickets available.
One person can order for a group of friends but we will need names and email addresses for all people in the group

We are launching the main convention ticket ONLY on this date to expedite your transaction through the store. Ticket add-ons such as the banquet and the tours will be released at a later stage.

Payment for tickets will be through Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account in order to make your payment, and you can use your credit card through Paypal. We have considered alternative payment options this week but none was suitable.

There will also be a Payment Plan available through Paypal where you can spread the cost of your ticket/s over three months with the first payment made at the time of booking. There will be an additional charge for using this option.
The Payment Plan option has now been withdrawn

Children under 5 years old can attend the convention free of charge but must sit on the lap of a paying ticket holder. We are unable to offer reductions for other age groups.

For people with disabilities that require a carer to be present a registration form will be up on the website that you need to complete.

The convention ticket gives admittance to all the on-stage panels, the Meet and Greet party, the charity auction and other convention activities marked as free to enter. It does not include the photograph sessions or the autograph sessions. Optional extra tickets will be made available shortly for the banquet, the harbour cruise and the filming location tour.

Seating in the main auditorium will be in colour coded blocks based on date of ticket purchase. If you are wishing to sit with friends during the guest panels we strongly recommend that you make one purchase for all members in the group at the same time. We cannot guarantee adjacent seats for tickets purchased at different times.

Seating Plan

I have a question...

How does buying the ticket work? It's gonna be like in 2010?

Hope that your internet connection (presumably fast enough) doesn't fail you at the exact time the link will be published, breathless moments before you're rediceted, trembling fingers while you type the requested info and so on?

Is there a date or something close to it so I can warn everybody (and by warn I mean ' I'm gonna rip your hands off if only you so walk near your lappy) that for that day at that time internet is all mine?

Ok those were more that A question, but y'know I'm kinda anxious...  ::)


Please tell me you'll use also Pay-Pal, because I have a sort of credit card which is a Visa Electron circuit and it has happened before that some times it won't be accepted *panic rising*

I would like to know how seating is going to work with one type of ticket? First come first served? Open seating for every panel? Lottery?

Answers to all your questions will follow...

Yes, thank you Richard!

*still trying to catch my breath here*



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