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Can't believe we're almost there, con time!!!   :D  As for what to wear, I found that my fleece does the trick keeping me warm in the con hall if the AC gets too cold and just right to wear under a light rain jacket when going outside with the temperature being around 16/17c now and for the rest of the week. It's light and easy to carry around if I get too hot.

I'm sitting looking at the rain now :( , a big change from the hot weather we've had in Vancouver for weeks. It was a sudden change from 28/29c last Wednesday to cooler cloudy weather the next day down to 17c. I have my lighter rain jacket and an umbrella which I will need now to walk to and from the B&B I'll be staying at. A bit of a pain this weather as it means I have extra stuff to carry with me during the day at the con.

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it! As far as temperatures changing we've abruptly gotten colder in the last week too. I wonder if Mother Nature is trying to tell me fall is coming?  ;) For me we went from 90-100F to 74-75F... roughly 32-37C down to about 23C... as of today. And yes, I'm using the Google converter because I can't convert F to C without it. Lol! I'm thankful the car shows both MPH and KPH... I just need to remember which to look at after the border crossing...


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