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This is something we always say, but it is always true - we couldn't hold a successful convention without our volunteers.

Yes, it is a small group of individuals who spend months and months of planning and preparation for the convention, but it would all be for nothing if not for the hardworking band of volunteers who come forward to offer some of their valuable convention time to help ensure its success.

Much like the rolling credits at the end of a movie, it's amazing how many people usually end up getting involved, be it for a couple of hours only, or for the whole event. We never underestimate the valuable contribution our volunteers make.

Volunteering is all based on respect.


We respect our volunteers for their help
Our volunteers are asked to respect their fellow attendees
The attendees are asked to respect the volunteers who do a great job in often stressful situations

Our volunteers will be instantly recogniseable in their snazzy 2018 crew shirts so they are easy to spot should anyone be in need of assistance.

Depending on how much time you are willing to donate and what area you end up working, volunteering can be full-on but ultimately hugely enjoyable and a rewarding way to see another side to the convention. Plus you get an invite to the wrap party on the Sunday evening and get to keep your crew shirt - our way of saying thanks.

The volunteer co-ordinator for The Invsion is Candace who has done an incredible job at previous Gatecons. Candace will be responsible for scheduling volunteers subject to their availability and for making sure our volunteers are ok at all times. If you have a problem in making your designated shift please let Candace know.

To apply to join The Invasion volunteer crew please go to the signup form at the Gatecon website: JOIN THE CREW

Please note as always you must already have a ticket to the event in order to apply to crew.

Thank you.

I signed up to volunteer.

Do you know what event/activity (if any) might be scheduled for Thursday yet? I don't want to commit to volunteer that day if there is an event I am interested in participating in.


--- Quote from: jchu100 on February 09, 2018, 09:38:39 PM ---Do you know what event/activity (if any) might be scheduled for Thursday yet? I don't want to commit to volunteer that day if there is an event I am interested in participating in.

--- End quote ---

Hello !
Fellow attendee here !

I don't believe there is any definite answer just yet, or at least none that have been announced beyond the Banquet. Sorry. But even if you can always apply later, doing so now shouldn't be an issue either. It's really up to you.

You can always tick the day (or all days) and when the activities dates are released let the coordinator whether or not you *do* volunteer on the thursday. The Facebook group might be useful in that sense.

You can also mention that Thursday availability is conditional to whether or not this or that activity happens, so Candace knows what to look out for / what to expect when sorting out what your duties would be. They are very accomodating, so long as there is communication  ;D . On the day, my friends found themselves in a bit of a pickle over what they had to do and when and we just worked it out.

There is a case for comments on the form. Just let them know of the situation, or wait until later to volunteer. Not sure when further activities are gonna be announced, but I volunteered way past all announcements last time and still got a spot to help out. It is as you prefer :)

(sorry, i'm rambling  :P )

Take care x

At this stage we aren’t planning any off-site activities for the Thursday. I’m still in talks with the bus company for the usual filming loction tour and that is most likely going to take place on Monday 17th.


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