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Pre-convention get-together (unofficial)

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--- Quote from: Gatespin2018 on September 09, 2017, 02:46:05 PM ---I sent you a pm to add me.

--- End quote ---

Got it! Thanks. It is going to be really good to catch up again! I think i will be living at Starbucks and Harrolds when i am not at the con (or the Irish pub! 😆).

I'll ask my girls what they want and I'll come back to you x

This sounds like a great time to meet people. Count me in :)
And thanks for organising it too.

YAY!!! Ok, Barring any missed flights... missing luggage... and god knows what else went down last year... COUNT US IN!!! Me + 1!!

Hi Beckney and StargateGazer,

Thanks and welcome to the group. We did have a great time last year and it was a good way to kick off the weekend and meet newbies. The guest line-up looks excellent once again and I can't wait to catch up with friends and make new friends too!  *biting my tongue trying not to squee to early*



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