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Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Frasier) has recorded a fantastic Gatecon promo video message for us.

Platinum and Gold tickets are now sold out so head over to the website to grab a silver or copper while stocks last.

Gatecon article at Gateworld

Nice mention on

Stargate Command Is Coming To Gatecon!
But, the good news didn't stop there! If you couldn't make it to San Diego Comic-Con, you'll have another chance to catch Stargate Command in person...later this year at Gatecon! More details will be announced soon, but you can certainly expect more great experiences and programming when Stargate heads to one of the longest-running Stargate conventions to join the amazing array of Stargate talent who are lined up to appear at the event in Vancouver from September 14-16.

Sheraton Vancouver Airport Twitter

We're counting down the final weeks until arrival of the legendary Stargate convention! The 3-day event brings together #Stargate cast, crew, and fans from around the world. #Gatecon2018 link:

Nice promo from David Read and Barry Campbell!


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