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Pre-paid sim card for travellers to Canada


We mentioned this in 2016 and looks like it is still on offer although it looks like the prices have increased.
If anyone knows of, or finds a better deal anywhere, please post on this thread.

Sim card plans

Thanks! :) looks like £1.4 per minute and £6/MB!!!!! for my network so deffo worth getting it!

I'm heading back to Vancouver for Easter (from the UK), will keep an eye out and ask around a few providers in case they offer anything worth noting, too. Just in case :)

Hey guys!

I work for a telecom (not public mobile tho) so i can safely say the cheapest your going to find is
Its on our biggest networks but since it isnt marketted (basically at all) they can afford super low prices.

They frequently have AWESOME deals, right now they have 30$ for a month, 1gb data, unlimited chat, check it out!!


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