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Hi Madison, welcome to the forum and welcome in advance to Gatecon!

Welcome Madison and Jason (Hello from a fello Seattlite) to Gatecon!

Welcome all newbies.

Alway great to meet new friends, we've all been you guys and we survived.

See you on the other side!


Hello there everyone,

Names Sean 33, i am from little "old" Jersey (Not "New" for my American gaters lol), travelling all the way across the ocean for my first Gatecon :). I have done Cons before but only multi subject ones like MCM London. Looking forward to weekend all about Stargate.

Travelling alone so eager meet new people and make lots of friends, so if anyone is interested in hanging and saying during the weekend would be great to hear from you.

Main goals - AT least Shanks & Tapping autographs (already got Judge and RDA from London) anything else will be a bonus. To be honest Im looking forward more to the conversations, discussions and atmosphere with my fellow Gaters all in the beautiful surroundings of Canada.


Hello everyone,

My name is Damien.  I'll be traveling from Baltimore, MD.  This is my first Stargate con and I'm extremely excited to finally see the city of Vancouver.  I'm looking forward to meeting some new people in a few days.  I wish everyone safe travels.


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