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Hi Fryn, sorry, I edited my statement. What I meant was if we were at an offsite hotel, I probably would not have a car so I could not provide passage. So transportation would have to be public unless someone else was driving.

I'm still deciding about attending. I have a room with two queen beds at the 199CAD rate from Sept 12-17. Within the past week, my bank card was compromised and my bank account on hold since I've filed a fraud claim that took place in Texas. I've contacted Starwood to get the procedure to change bank card for the reservation. I'm an older female but can handle many folks in the room. Let me know if interested. The room is not ADA accessible.

we are a party of three and as of right now, not too sure whether we'll book two rooms or just 1 room and share the beds.

Anyway, we are not looking for roomies specifically but as the person in charge of booking, I would like to offer that last spot if there is someone on their own who would be looking to join. We're all female party. If said person would join, we'd be having 2 rooms (2 double beds each).

It's not a SHARE reply but if it helps to find cheap enough placement - they still have some rooms left - I've managed to book Lido Family Guest House (Queen Room) 7711 Belair Dr,
V7A 1B9 Richmond via booking com for £277 for 6 nights which is 3.7km (2.3miles) from the Event ;) not bad i guess!!

I just want to throw this out for everyone's information. Last year, my sister and I came to the convention. To make a long story short, we ended up having to find a room about four weeks before the convention. For $200 a night, we found a lovely two bedroom, two bath apartment one building away from the hotel. (The Irish Pub was in this building.) Full kitchen, washer dryer, Etc.

When it gets closer to the convention, I will be looking for something similar. (It is too early to do it now, can't book that far ahead.)  Since it will be just me this year, I will be looking for roommates. So don't panic if you haven't found anything yet or couldn't get a reservation at the hotel. There are lots of options available.


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