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 I have a room and am looking for no less than 3 female roommates.

Let me know



--- Quote from: Katiegirl2018 on June 14, 2018, 09:56:45 AM ---hello

 I have a room and am looking for no less than 3 female roommates.

Let me know


--- End quote ---

Hi Kathleen I have a few questions as I might be interested! I'll send you a message :)


--- Quote from: Annie on August 29, 2017, 09:09:18 PM ---Hi this is Annie again. Turns out my original plan for roommates has fallen through. Sadly the person I was to room with is no longer attending the convention. So I am in need of Roomies for the convention. I am open to sleeping anywhere. Bed, rollaway, floor.

Let me know!!!

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my name is Maria and I am flying in from Germany to the convention.
I have a room reserved at con rate with another friend (female from UK).
Are you still looking for a room/bed to to share? If you don't mind sharing a queen size bed with a stranger ( I am very accommodation :-))?
You would be welcome.

Greetings from Germany.

Hi ,

I am flying in from Germany for the convention and I have a double room booked with my friend from the UK.

I am looking for another female who wouldn't mind sharing the room/bed/costs at the Sheraton.

We are very friendly and accommodating and getting already a room that is close to the event rooms due to a disability.

I am also arriving probably 1 or 2 weeks earlier to do some sightseeing in Vancouver. If anyone has any information on a reasonable priced room/bed& breakfast etc I would appreciate it very much. I also welcome any one who is interested to join me.

with kind regards


Hi all,

I'm looking for a room to share with someone! I haven't booked anything yet, but was hoping to offset the cost by sharing a room (and since I won't know anyone, maybe making some friends!). Also, is anyone attending the filming location tour? I'm 35, he/him, POC. Instagram: jtl_hell


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