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The Guest-List for The Invasion 2018

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Here is the list of photo op prices for each guest along with the day they are due to have them taken. Prices are in US$. We will release the payment option info later in the week with sales going live on Saturday 11th August.

Actor's Prices

Amanda Tapping $50 Sunday
Michael Shanks $50 Sunday
Lexa Doig $40 Sunday
Michael & Lexa (limited availability) $90 Sunday

Paul McGillion $40 Friday
Alexis Cruz $40 Friday
Cliff Simon $40 Friday
Gary Jones $40 Friday
Colin Cunningham $40 Friday
David deLuise $40 Friday
Peter Williams $40 Friday

Jill Teed $30 Friday
Herbert Duncanson $30 Friday
Patrick Currie $30 Friday
Megan Leitch $30 Friday
Andee Frizzell $30 Friday
Steve Bacic $30 Friday
Jacqueline Samuda $30 Friday
Dean Aylesworth $30 Friday
Douglas Arthurs $30 Friday
Andrew Jackson $30 Friday
Peter Flemming $30 Friday
Rainbow Sun Francks $30 Friday
Bill Butt $30 Friday
Simone Bailly $30 Friday
Alex Zahara $30 Friday

Teryl Rothery $40 Saturday
JR Bourne $40 Saturday
Peter Kelamis $30 Saturday
Mike Dopud $30 Saturday
Sharon Taylor $30 Saturday
Frida Betrani $30 Sunday


Christopher Judge will be joining us at The Invasion for the Friday and Saturday

Tom McBeath "Colonel Maybourne" makes a very welcome return to Gatecon.


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