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Here is the current itinerary.
Please note this is for reference only and is subject to change without notice.

Please be aware at certain points during the event you may need to choose between a panel and a photo op. The panels are repeated morning and afternoon to give everyone the chance to see and do both activities.

Anyone not listed as taking part in on-stage panels is due to be doing their photo ops that day unless otherwise indicated.

Some guests are unable to join us on the Friday. They will be doing their photo ops on Saturday and stage panel on Sunday morning.

The Sunday morning RDA auto session is in addition to the afternoon session, so if you do not get an auto in the morning, or don't wish to miss the panels, don't panic!

Posted below the daily summary sheets is the list of which guests are due to take part in which panel.

Panel 1 & 6
Erick Avari
Carmen Argenziano
Corin Nemec
Andrew Jackson
Virginia Hey
Mike Dopud

Panel 2
Sally Malcolm
Sabine Bauer
Laura Harper
Susannah Sinard
Mark Haynes

Panel 3 & 8
System Lords:
Douglas Arthurs
Dean Aylesworth
Steve Bacic
Jacqueline Samuda
Cliff Simon
Peter Williams
Suanne Braun

Note: The System Lords will also be doing the group photos on Friday as not all are with us on Saturday. Steve Bacic will also do his solo photo ops on Friday.

Panel 4 & 7
Barry Campbell
Mike McLean
Bruce Woloshyn
Dan Shea
Mika McKinnon

Panel 9 & 14
Alex Zahara
Dan Payne
Simone Bailly
Sharon Taylor

Panel 10 & 15
Jill Teed
Patrick Currie
Aaron Pearl
Tom McBeath

Panel 11 & 16
Andee Frizzell
Jodelle Ferland
Garwin Sanford
David Winning

Panel 12
Martin Wood
Gary Jones
"Homecoming" episode commentary

Panel 17
Martin Wood

Panel 18
Tony Amendola
David Nykl
Jennifer Spence
Peter Kelamis

Panel 19
Mike Dopud
Roger Cross
Jodelle Ferland
Andrew Jackson
Emilie Ullerup

Hi just a quick question. Will i still be able to attend Meet and greet on thurs evening if I miss registration? My plane isn't due to land till about 5pm on thurs.

Yes not a problem, just have a word with whoever is on the door when you arrive. They will have access to a copy of the ticket holders' list.

Having a proper chance to look over the schedule, I noticed and appreciate the fact that some panels are repeated twice a day to give everyone a chance to attend. Photo sessions are in the morning and some may miss out on a few panels because of this, but the kind folks at Gatecon have arranged the schedule so perfectly that no panel will be missed. Kudos to everyone. :)

Updated version now posted above - the afternoon photo sessions were missing from Friday and Saturday (but the same still applies to Brenda's comment that half the attendees will do photo ops in the morning and half will be called in the afternoon giving everyone the chance to see the on-stage panels)


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