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Exclusive extra photo shoot with Richard Dean Anderson

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*waves at the money* you will be greatly missed...

But darn I'm gonna give it a shot!!!

What a great idea ... I'm definitely in!!!   :D

I will buy a ticket but I wont bid because they go way into the thousands and man do I wish I had the money to do that.  So I will be satisfied with buying a ticket for the drawing and hope luck is on my side.  This was a best teaser ever !!!!

any idea where the photo shot will take place??  I secret place would be on the dock behind the cabin the show used as Jack's cabin.

Depending on the ticket draw price, I may try for a chance for the last spot. Would be pretty darn cool for an intimate pic outside of the normal convention backdrops.

I second the idea of one out on the back deck of Jack's cabin! Of course, with the homeowners permission. ;)


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