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Getting to Vancouver

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(Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but didn't know where else to put it. Please move to correct spot if applicable, admins.)

I was wondering, how are people getting to Vancouver and when?
I am planning on crossing Canada by train (flying into the East, then take The Canadian from Toronto to Jasper and the Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver.
I'd leave Toronto around Aug 22nd, and arrive in Vancouver around Sept 1.

Anyone interested in joining me/meeting up somewhere if my schedule allows it? (I'm still booking, so no definite plans yet)


Take lots of pix please :)

That sounds like a nice, scenic ride. WIsh I had the time off to do that

I am so jealous right now, your trip sounds like it is going to be FANTASTIC!!!!
My mum & myself are travelling from Scotland, catching a coach to London, flying non-stop to Vancouver and then travelling on to Chicago after the con...
According to my 'travel plan' it will take around 18 hours to get there...
Any of my friends meeting up with me better take me to Starbucks ASAP so that I can have some caffeine  ;D
Can't wait to meet peoples :)!

The train trip sounds like fun.  I've taken trains up and down the East Coast (US) and prefer them to planes.  Unfortunately I'm taking a plane to Vancouver since the train takes like three days and I don't have the time.  But I envy you the trip.


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