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Grouse Mountain Zipline Experience

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awaiting response regarding discounts

Mountain Ziplines
Our dual-line, five-line circuit gives you an adrenaline-pumping tour across the peaks and canyons of Grouse and Dam Mountains. The tour lasts about two hours and can be booked as an individual or as a group.

What the Tour Includes

The zipline experience will give you a unique perspective of Grouse Mountain, combining heart-pounding thrills with an exploration of BC’s old-growth forests. Along the way our fun and friendly guides will look after your safety, and share stories with you that will leave a lasting impression. And then you’ll strap yourself in and...zoom. Make sure to enjoy every second of this jaw-dropping scenery. Because it goes by fast. Crazy, awesome fast.

Summer Shuttle from Downtown

We (Grouse Mountain, not Gatecon) are pleased to offer a free shuttle from downtown Vancouver with the purchase of a Peak Experience ticket throughout the summer. Pickup/drop-off point is Canada Place.

Our complimentary shuttle service is available from late May through September.


Public Transit
The public transit system offers regular service to and from the base of Grouse Mountain every half hour. Catch Bus 232 - Phibbs Exchange or Bus 236 - Lonsdale Quay

Richard, did you ever find out if there was a discount? Was thinking of doing this after watching the YouTube vid as it seems more than one zip line and quite fun for the 2 hours.

Unfortunately not just the Whistler zipline


--- Quote from: Richard on July 08, 2016, 11:41:56 AM ---Unfortunately not just the Whistler zipline

--- End quote ---

Too bad. This one is closer than Whistler. I'm still considering though because it looks like loads of fun. Thanks for checking on it!  ;)

LOL, I think I'll skip this. :D


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