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Our Guest List / Re: Guest Chat
« Last post by Highlander II on July 21, 2017, 01:50:51 PM »
Putting on my fan hat for a moment here...

What are you talking about? (your post is v long and reads like an agenda.)

Gatecon 2008 was essentially RDA's first foray back into conventions since the 80's. This is not a 'small' deal. He was also at the 2016 Gatecon - is he not 'big name' enough for you? Was Gatecon supposed to get Kurt Russell and James Spader? (If so, there wouldn't have been any other guests b/c those two would've taken all of the money.)

RDA isn't 'throwing' the party. Gatecon is run by fans. If RDA is asked and he accepts, then he'll attend, but there isn't a guarantee on any of the guests until the convention actually begins and they show up.

The reason Gatecon tends to attract the 'same old guests' over and over is because those folks live in Vancouver. They're already in town, so it's much easier for them to swing by the convention, even if they can't commit to the full weekend. Alex Zahara has done this - he was working one year, but he stopped by anyway just to say 'hi'.  A lot of the 'regular' guests love coming to Gatecon to talk with fans they've seen before and meet new ones. Sure, these five or six guests have been every year, but not every fan can attend every year, so there are always new fans in attendance who haven't seen/met/gotten a photo with certain guests who would like to. If Gatecon doesn't invite those guests, those fans might not get that opportunity.

You don't speak for all fans. Whether or not you liked SGU or the tie-in novels, there are fans who did. Skipping those guests is doing a disservice to the people who worked on those properties, and also to the fans who did enjoy them who may want to meet some of these folks. There's no reason to skip them, since many of them did other things that people might have also enjoyed.

Bottom line - Gatecon isn't Creation. Creation paid for the 'official' Stargate convention lic (and it ain't cheap), so Creation gets 'first dibs' on pretty much everything. This is also why Gatecon didn't have some of the principal actors - Tapping, Shanks, etc - during some years, b/c they *couldn't*. Creation has rules about when those lic'd under a property can attend conventions that aren't Creation events, which makes it difficult for other cons, especially smaller, fan-run ones, to invite those guests. Creation Entertainment is a business. Running conventions and other events is the ONLY thing they do. Gatecon is a business, but it's a side-gig for the folks who put it together. It's not their only job, so it's smaller.

With that said: Is there a limit to the number of guests? Technically 'no', aside from how much money is available. However, also, technically 'yes', because Gatecon had 52 guests last year and it was too many. It was great, but it was also a burden. Trying to coordinate that many high-profile people at the same time is a logistical pain in the mikta. (Full disclosure, I'm also a Gatecon volunteer and worked the 2016 con.) While it's awesome to have a huge line-up of guests, it also makes the convention more difficult to coordinate and run, which means far more things have to overlap and the volunteer need starts to multiply. So, a smaller guest list is actually better for the convention overall.

To your suggestion about running multiple panels at the same time: No. As a fan, at Gatecon, I wouldn't want that. I like that the panels are one-at-a-time. I also like it better when panels don't overlap other things like photograph or autograph sessions. Single panels means that, as a fan, you don't have to decide which panel you have to skip when two of your faves are up at the same time on different panels. That's a horrible decision to have to make and I'm glad Gatecon doesn't make the fans do that.

TL;DR: Gatecon is a smaller, fan-run convention that has no intention of matching 'the big guys' and the fans of the con itself like it that way. New guests are always welcome and encouraged, but the Gatecon family also likes to see old friends as well. XD

Our Guest List / Re: Guest Chat
« Last post by 2gamin on July 20, 2017, 08:17:00 PM »
I'm not even really a fan of Dark Matter but I love the idea of bringing some of the people on board from that show!
Especailly Stargate alum Rodger Cross and Jodelle Ferland!

The more the merrier (unless there is some sort of cap on how many actors GateCon is willing/able to have?).
But I say, let's have a REAL party! Why not make it bigger, maybe even have more than one panel happening simultaneously?

I would really LOVE LOVE LOVE it if Brad Wright and some his people from 'TRAVELERS' were invited. I want to see some of the amazing people who are a part of that show... especially Eric McCormick.

Also, it would be amazing to see a writer's panel that includes notable alum like Marin Gero.
PLEASE DON'T insult us by dedicating a panel (or any time) to the writers of the 'books' which most fans reject as canon.
They are an insult to the spirit of the show and we are all SO SICK of hearing about them.

As far as Stargate actors go, there are a few who always seemed to be in attendance (at the Creation events) so I'm less worried about whether they will show.

But there are others that would be a REAL treat have:

(and of course) JASON MAMOA!!!!! - if he's not too big a star by then.

-I'm betting Joe Flannigan will be there, so I hope I don't have to worry about that.
-And Michael Shanks will surely show with his usual snarky attitude.
-Amanda always says she'll be there but rarely shows.
-Christopher Judge's panels are the BOMB! I hope he's there.
-Since RDA is throwing the party I'm assuming he'll be in attendance.

Whether or not they''ll admit it to YOU GUYS, most of us didn't care for SGU.
-No fault to the actors who worked on the show -they are sweethearts.
David Blue and Peter Kelamis are probably the two who are best in person.
But PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THE ROSTER WITH A BUNCH OF SGU people. (They couldn't even sell out Aliana Huffman's meet & greet at the last Creation Con)
Instead, bring in more of the quality actors who worked on the classic shows we loved!!! (SG1 & SGA)

There is the roster of actors who seem to show at every event. Let's have some new blood please? I've seen Sussane Braun, Gary Jones, and the various 'system lords' like Baal present so many times... they are given way more stage time time than they need. I'm not saying they shouldn't be there. But give more time to other people.

I have to give a HUGE shout out the Rainbow Sun Francks. He is such an amazing entertainer!!!
In addition to a panel, you should have Rainbow doing some Emcee work or an additional group panel -instead of the same tired people.
Rainbow is SO much more entertaining. Why does it always have to be Alex Zahara, Dan Shea, and Gary Jones, etc? I know they have won over a lot of people over the years and get an E for effort, but please lets have something new.

As much as everyone loved to hate Amanda Tapping's boyfriend Pete...
In person, David Deluise is a consummate performer and a hilarious guy.
I bet he and Rainbow would be a crazy/fun duo to have doing some extra stuff!!

-Everyone loves Paul McGillion & Jewel Staite... David Nikl is fun too.
-Chuck Campbell is less of 'star' but he is such a great addition because of his winning personality. He's great fun.

What about Willie Garson?!??! The amazing actor who played Matin Llyod the 'alien' in some of SG1's most iconic episodes? Yes, please!!!

Personally, I adore Peter Williams. What Con would be complete without the 1st original baddie Apophis? He has to be there!

(Okay just saw Rainbow is already signed on -yea!!)

***So, personally, I missed out on the early years of the official GateCon -back when the actual stars of the show attended, and people even got to walk through sets used for filming (so jealous).

By the time I was looking to attend GateCon, the major line-up had dwindled down to "Baal! And the guy from the gate room!" so I didn't bother.
When Creation took over, it was nice that they at least got some of the bigger stars. I was very sad that they chose to close that chapter but heartened by the news that RDA was reviving GateCon.

I assumed that 2016's lack of big name attendees (at GateCon) was due to the fact that the Creation's event (date-wise) was taking place so close to the GateCon revival...

I really hope GateCon will return to its old glory and provide the many Stargate fans around the world with a place to revel in our favorite show. Especially since DragonCon has now eliminated the 'Stargate track' from their roster :(

Where else can we hope to celebrate the greatest space opera ever made?
All things considered, the writing, acting, and special effects on SG1 and SGA were superior to StarTrek.
With no other contenders for the fan base, I have my fingers crossed that GateCon will begin a new legacy in Vancouver that will be comparable (at least a little bit) to Trek's annual Las Vegas event.
Gategoers at The Invasion / Re: Use the forum and earn a promotion!
« Last post by Rambler25 on July 10, 2017, 12:37:00 PM »
This is just like being in the real Air Force again...promotions are slow, few and far between...guess I will just be an Airman Funny since I retired as a Master Sergeant from the Air Force then later as a GS-11. I always wondered what GS rating Daniel Jackson was scripted as?
Gategoers at The Invasion / Re: Use the forum and earn a promotion!
« Last post by Crackers on July 08, 2017, 09:13:50 PM »
I'll try to remember to use the forum to earn a promotion. ;)
Gategoers at The Invasion / Re: Room Share Thread
« Last post by Hummingbird on July 07, 2017, 10:33:23 PM »
I'm still deciding about attending. I have a room with two queen beds at the 199CAD rate from Sept 12-17. Within the past week, my bank card was compromised and my bank account on hold since I've filed a fraud claim that took place in Texas. I've contacted Starwood to get the procedure to change bank card for the reservation. I'm an older female but can handle many folks in the room. Let me know if interested. The room is not ADA accessible.
The Invasion 2018 / Re: Sheraton Room Bookings link
« Last post by Fryn on July 07, 2017, 03:22:35 PM »
As I understand it the room block has been filled but it's always worth contacting the hotel to ask!
Off The Grid / London Comic Con
« Last post by tarnecki on July 07, 2017, 08:53:23 AM »
IS anyone going to see Richard and Chris at LFCC end of this month?
New Events in the UK / Re: Preferred venue
« Last post by tarnecki on July 07, 2017, 08:51:22 AM »
Birmingham sounds good!
The Invasion 2018 / Re: Sheraton Room Bookings link
« Last post by tarnecki on July 07, 2017, 08:33:44 AM »
are there any room left?
Also can somebody guide me about travel from UK etc? Thanks.
Gategoers at The Invasion / Re: Meet-a-Gater
« Last post by Atlantia on July 07, 2017, 08:02:27 AM »
Hi, I'm WraithWarrior (or Carl) and I live in the UK.

This will (hopefully) be my first GateCon and my first time visiting Canada so looking forward to the trip!

As it's my first GateCon, I'm not really sure of how everything works or the prices of tickets, etc. so any information would be appreciated :)

Hi Carl, welcome to crazy world! Lots of people to say hi to and lots of activities to be planned. Keep your eyes open. ☺
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