Where it all started

Where did the Gatecon legacy begin, and how did it all get started? Would you believe it all started because of a T-Shirt!

Actually it was the lack of a T-Shirt, but we will get to that soon...

Not long after Stargate SG-1 hit our TV screens a few Stargate websites started to appear in our internet searches. One of those sites was Ryan Peter's Stargate SG-1 Dot Com. It became an instant hit with the fans, including all of the original owners of Gatecon, who at that stage largely didn't know each other.

It was there that Fryn Rogers and Sue Seeley met and began discussing the lack of Stargate merchandise available, and all they really wanted was a Stargate T-Shirt. Well one thing led to another and they began talking about conventions, and how good it would be to do a Stargate fan convention.

Around the same time, Fryn had met Allan Gowen through his original Ausgate website, and together with her brother Richard Pasco and Sue Seeley, began discussing ideas for doing a convention. This was in 1998, 2 years before the first Gatecon.

So the C4 formed, and the first Gatecon ( Gatecon 2000 in Vancouver,Canada) was born. All because of a T-Shirt !

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